Escape to the Country: Emergency Response (Book #2)

0515 Emergency Response_Final

Running away didn’t solve anything … at least, not the first time.

Intensive care nurse Mackenzie Jones is no stranger to running. As a teenager she fled her family home, leaving tragedy and loss in her wake. Now, after fifteen years alone in Sydney, with the strain of working in a city hospital wearing her thin, she’s tempted to run again.

Mackenzie jumps at the chance to work in a mining town in the Western Australian desert – anything to lift her spirits. Though she barely dares to hope, she wonders if she might find the kind of love that can ease her loneliness.

In the outback, Nathan Kennedy is at a loose end. He’s been making money in the mines for years, and pressure from his family to return to the east coast, settle down and get married is reaching fever pitch. The problem is, he hasn’t met the right woman.

When Mackenzie turns up in town, there’s an instant attraction between her and Nathan, maybe even true love. But tragedy’s not done with Mackenzie Jones – the past is about to catch up with her in more ways than one.

Can Nathan convince Mackenzie to stop running, or is this just another tragedy in the making?

“I believe you should always read different books than you usually do. For me this is different. It is a medical romance. The main character Mackenzie Jones is an intensive care nurse. She is 35 and over the years she has had some problems with her family. Mackenzie would like to settle down in life, like her five younger sisters. The book has an easy to read feel.The hospital dramas that accompany the story help give the book some pace, they are well written. Otherwise the story is boy meets girl and they both fall in love. The book revolves around this relationship and keeps the reader wondering can their problems be resolved and can they have a future together. I think the book is light hearted and good if the reader doesn’t want endless passion. The romance is complimented by the medical aspect, which again does not sensationalize and is tastefully done. Both readers of medical stories and romance stories should be happy. A useful present to anyone who you are not sure what they like to read.” (Elizabeth, GoodReads)