Operation Mistletoe Magic: An Escape to the Country Christmas novella

Operation Mistletoe Magic_Final

Christmas is looking grim for Melissa Allen. She has no one to celebrate with, as her boyfriend of five years left her for her best friend and, after losing her home in a fire, she has nowhere to live. Left without a choice, she accepts the offer to the stay with family friends Rob and Linda Nicholls.

Chris Nicholls is excited about bringing his five-year-old daughter, Jasmine, home to Lakefield, Ontario for her first white Christmas. The trip is a surprise for his parents, though no one is more surprised than Chris when he finds his childhood best friend in his parent’s spare room. Surprise soon turns to delight as Chris has always had feelings for Melissa, feelings that are only getting stronger the longer they are together.

But Melissa has had her fill of heartbreak, and isn’t willing to fall for a man who is only going to leave. And Jasmine? She doesn’t want to share her daddy with anyone. If Chris has any hope of convincing Melissa and Jasmine that they have a future together as a family, he’ll need all the mistletoe magic he can get.

“This is a delightful Christmas romance story. It was easy for me to relate to Chris and Melissa’s situation as my closest friends growing up were girls. I loved reading of the Ontario winter and the glimpses of Chris and Melissa’s antics growing up. The story flows easily as Edwards writing is excellent. It’s a simple romance story told really well with some lovely romantic touches and two very likeable lead characters. The conflict is created between Melissa and Jasmine, Chris’ daughter and Edwards portrays this well. This is the first Nicki Edwards story I’ve read and I’m sure I’ll read others in the future.” (Ian, GoodReads)