Operation White Christmas: An Escape to the Country Christmas novella

Operation White Christmas_Final

Hollie Douglas has dreamed of a White Christmas ever since she was a child, but her dream implodes when her fiancé breaks her heart two months before their big day. Convinced by her best friend to go ahead with her planned honeymoon anyway, Hollie doesn’t expect to find herself stuck in a snowstorm in rural Canada two days before Christmas.

Jim Bell has been dreading another Christmas without his wife. When one of his orphaned animals goes missing in the middle of a snowstorm, he didn’t expect he’d be rescuing a stranded Australian tourist as well. He quickly realizes Hollie is carrying as much emotional baggage as him, and when she accepts his offer to seek shelter at his farm, he wonders if he’s doing the right thing.

As Jim helps Hollie fulfill her White Christmas dreams, the winter wonderland and spirit of Christmas work their healing magic on both of them.

Operation White Christmas is a second-chance romance story and a sweet Christmas novella: perfect for reading in front of the fire. It was full of raw emotion and I liked the characters a LOT. Both seemed to be internally vulnerable (aka full of emotional baggage per blurb) but full of spunk and resilience that I greatly admired. There were many times that I laughed out loud or grinned along with the characters! The writing flows well right from the beginning. Only a few pages in and I had already started to connect with the female lead, Hollie. I loved the author’s writing style! She seemed to be able to capture all the important bits in the story and carry of the essence of the plot straight into the reader’s hands and mind. I got really attached to our two main characters: Hollie and Jim. The setting was absolutely beautiful! I fell in love with the snowy outback farm of Canada and greatly enjoyed how the author used the place to create a sense of tranquillity and isolation: great for the start of a budding romance and for getting those sparks started. It was funny how the author portrayed Aussies and Canadians since I’m an Australian, too! She would exaggerate some accents gently and point out the way we Aussie tend to make the ‘r’ silent whilst Americans exaggerate it. It was great for a laugh! Not once did I see a spelling mistake or typing error. The grammar was excellent and there was not one bit that I could criticise. I greatly admired the prose and how well the author seemed to be convey everything. Surprisingly, this was a clean romance story. However, it did not take away from the absolutely gorgeous love story that captured my heart. Even though it was a typical and cliche stuck-in-a-winter storm I really loved the novella. I might just have to go out and read the other novels in the ‘Escape to the Country‘ series. Congratulations to Nicki Edwards on publishing such a lovely Christmas novella!” (Stacey, GoodReads)